Security & Safety

Retail BID will;

  • Continue to support retailers, alongside West Midlands Police and partners, to protect members from business crime
  • Work in partnership with the Homeless Outreach Support Team to help access support for street sleepers
  • Continue our day to day work with the city centre Policing team and Retail PCSOs to address the problem of illegal street begging
  • Partner with and support City Centre Enforcement Officers and work with Birmingham City Council and West Midlands Police to act upon street nuisance issues and anti-social behaviour, ensuring the city centre is a welcoming place to be

Security and safety for retailers and their customers is high on the agenda for Retail Birmingham and the BID works closely with West Midlands Police and Birmingham City Council to ensure the city centre is a pleasant environment for businesses, visitors and shoppers.

Birmingham Business Crime Reduction Partnership (BCRP)

The BID is working with West Midlands Police, store managers and property owners on a programme of initiatives aimed at reducing shoplifting, fraudulent behaviour and other business-related crimes. The scheme, which will be rolled out during 2017, aims to prevent those intent on criminal behaviour and disrupt their behaviour.


The BID has two dedicated Police Community Support Officers (PCSO), Pat McGregor and Tarral Francis, working alongside the Retail Birmingham Team, patrolling the city centre daily and dealing with all street nuisances. They are supported by a team of PCSOs and West Midlands Police Officers. Having this direct partnership link with West Midlands Police is a huge benefit of the BID and for its members.

The BID work closely with West Midlands Police, retailers and shopping centres with a view to reducing business crime in the retail area.

PCSO Pat McGregor

Retail Birmingham Text Message System

The BID launched a unique text messaging system for all Retail Birmingham Members, which continues to be well received today.

The system connects instantly to over 250 Managers/Assistant Managers within member businesses. It is only used for critical and important business information and is controlled by the Retail Birmingham team. The system updates all member businesses with city centre information such as planned demonstrations, road closures or business issues.

The information includes verified sources from West Midlands Police, Birmingham City Council and other city centre stakeholders.